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May 13, 2018 | Read time: 3 mins

May 13, 2018 | Read time:
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As a girl, I had looked up to many kinds of women, but never the ones who mostly stayed home. My grandma was a doctor, raised my mom n 2 uncles single-handedly. Starting from her to an aunt who was physically abused , then divorced n yet managed to get a Harvard degree and raised her daughter alone; A friend’s mom who was a gynaecologist in a reputed government hospital and many others. I admired these kind of warriors, struggling in the wicked world. My mom was..well, just a mom! Having to Struggle with her kids only, day in day out!

I grew up. ‘Study’, she told me, ‘no need to do work at home’. She also felt d same I thought, all she had to do was be home and be a nobody. I went ahead to be a dentist, got a great job (‘now I don’t have to stay home,’ I thought). Then I had a baby. He’s 3 now. And since then, I am home,’ just a mom’; more like ‘a nobody’! But my point is, I don’t feel like nobody now. And so, I understand why my mother never got an urge to step out of home to find a recognition for herself in the society (the thought that bothered me as a kid).

To all the working mothers, you have to work, you manage home and the job you are pursuing. You all are super moms already. There shouldn’t be any guilt at all. N your kids understand that and love you as much.

To all the homemakers/full time moms/nobodies like me: now this job has no retirement or fixed work hours. Every now and then, it may seem to you your kids do not value your presence all throughout n all the sacrifices you make for them (that doesn’t even feel like a sacrifice: ‘overhyped word’). But trust me, there is no one in this world I look up to more than my own mother. Irony huh! Well I’m proud of what I do today, of the choices I have made because it felt like the right thing to do. (Also thanks to my husband for working hard enough to battle our expenses n making it easy for me to be the mom I Chose to be.)

Now that I am a mother, I realise we all have capes. Capes that we can’t show. Capes that no superhero can grow!

Mother is a mother, at home or 

working out, let’s all

be grateful that we are able to witness the joy

and grace in raising our little ones . 

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