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May 13, 2018 | Read time: 4 mins

May 13, 2018 | Read time:
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Walking down the memory lane I remember the day I got to know about your arrival, the feeling of motherhood had not set in by then. 9 months seemed like a never ending saga with all the mood swings, restlessness, fatigue….but the day I held you in my arms the only thing that I could think of was a inseparable life journey with you. Like me most moms will be able to relate to this. From ‘would be mom’ to a ‘mom’ is a journey of 9 months but you become a ‘supermom’ the day you hold the baby for the very first time in your arms. The unconditional love, the fearless protection, the untired commitment, the relentless availability just becomes a way of life! Taking care of a baby and nurturing to become an individual is a great responsibility, the Spider Man phrase is inversely related for us moms; ‘with great responsibility comes great powers’!

Like every child every mother is special; they might have their own upbringing styles but their child’s welfare is at the best interest. The biggest gift that we can give our child is our learnings not for them to learn lessons out of it but for them to be prepared for their own learning. As I continue to learn and grow in this journey with my child I have few of the commandments which I would want to share with him

Don’t fear solitude

Solitude is not a curse it is a mean to introspect. Remember solitude does not lead to loneliness rather it brings one closer to oneself!

Pillar of strength

You will find various pillars that will enable you to take a support and creep over it, some will be strong which will hold you through while many will be just a mirage. Remember it is not important to find the pillar of strength in the journey of life but it is imperative to be strongly rooted to your foundation so that you can continue to sail in your expedition!

Money can buy happiness

You will find many people tell you that money cannot buy happiness, respect their opinion. Remember the relationship between money and happiness is symbiotic and not inverse! The day you reach a stage when you start counting the things money cannot buy that is when you can preach and attain the stage where money cannot buy happiness, until then respect the cost of money.

Cost of decision making

Trust in your ability to take all the decision that impact you. Some decision will be difficult for you while some may be difficult for others. Remember the best decision is the decision taken by self. Stand by your decision and be prepared to pay the cost of all your decision, do not look out for others to bail you out of your own decision.

Defining success your way

The definition of success is relative, create your own definition for your success. Remember relying on others to outline your success will be the biggest failure! You are your own brand ambassador!

Zoning your life

Create various zones in your life and you decide who has the privilege to enter the zone. There is no harm to call out and keep others away. Remember the more you allow people to enter your zone you will not have space left for yourself!

Relationships for life

Relationships are meant for life and life is not meant for relationship. Live your life by enjoying and caring for your relationships, don’t allow your relationships to run your life! Remember do not cater to a relationship only because you are used to it, be in a relationship because you cherish the same.

Trust only yourself

No matter what happens in life the only person to be trusted is oneself. You can never lie to yourself, hence don’t try to cheat yourself as you will never be successful in doing so. Remember whether the world has trust in you or not is immaterial, but you trusting yourself is very important.

Know the rightful

You need to know what is right and what is wrong. Wrong at times can be subjective, what is right for you can be wrong for others. Remember your actions should be justifiable to yourself, there is a thin line of difference between ethical and unethical. Your decisions should allow you to have a peaceful sleep at night and should not prick your conscience.

Remember there is no rights or duties in motherhood, there is only one power – the power of love which will last for an infinity!

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