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May 12, 2018 | Read time: 3 mins

May 12, 2018 | Read time:
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Mommy’s day is around the corner and it’s been almost two years since I got this new title…but more importantly just a few months when I have been hearing Mummmmy, Mummmma, Mommy, Puppppa (my name Pooja in her version) from the sweet lips of my little princess.

So what does this word mean to me-specially coming from her lips.

It means a lifetime of happiness, trust, caring and above everything else unconditional love.

This is what she has brought with her into our lives.

Just having a child does not make you a mother though- so I thought let me pen down what I have learnt from her in the last two years which qualify or certify me to be her mommy, and of course this is work in progress.

1. Love fully 

Whatever relationships we might have had in the past are all conditional love with a quid pro quo thrown in. With her it has been unconditional and all heart. From the word go. No matter what she does- or sometimes doesn’t do- I just can’t stop loving her.

2. Trust implicitly

I love the game 1, 2 Jump. She just trusts and jumps into my arms- no matter the height. Is it possible to trust someone so implicitly? Yes it is. And I love that feeling. This puts on my shoulders a lot of responsibility but I am game. If she can trust me fully I can do the least and be there to catch her – and be her safety net in all her life situations.

3. Behave yourself

I will admit that as parents we haven’t been at our best behavior even when she is around. We have fought and argued while she looks on innocently with her eyes wide open and then sweetly comes and says Mummy -Papa. These two simple words brings us crashing down on earth from our high horses. It’s almost as if she has said after the two words -behave yourself.

4. Keep Calm

Having a little one in today’s age of nuclear families and working parents does bring with it its set of small calamities. This one is still a lot of work for us- but with every battle fought and won I am learning the futility of getting all worked up. Absent Maids-Fevers-Cough-Colds-Sleepless nights- all is ephemeral. Keep Calm and this too shall pass is the most powerful mantra guys.

Finally – let me end by saying that life teaches us a lot of lessons- both formal in the form of degrees and informal in the form of experiences. The most enjoyable lesson is the Mommy lesson- it is full of love and laughter, joys and sorrows, ups and downs, highs and lows – but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world.

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