Easy recipes you can cook with your kid in summer

May 4, 2018 | Read time: 4 mins

May 4, 2018 | Read time:
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Summer vacations are often synonymous with fun, summer camps and family vacations. This period is also a great time to inculcate various habits in your child like making their bed in the morning, cleaning up after eating connecting with nature etc. This summer, teach your little one the wonders of cooking! Read on for some fun recipes you and your kid can cook together:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing screams summer more than chocolate chip cookies. Serve them with a nice glass of chilled milk and your child’s summer evenings are made. Just mix eggs, flour, butter and sugar to get a nice thick batter and add chocolate chips to the mix.

After mixing the batter properly, divide it into equally shaped circles and place them on the cookie tray. Heat them in the oven for about an hour and serve them after they’ve cooled down.

Fruit Salad

With the rising temperature levels, a refreshing fruit salad is more of a necessity than a complementary snack. Apart from being extremely healthy and tasty, this dish is also very vibrant and colourful, making it an instant hit with your kids.

Pick all the fruits your tiny tot loves and cut them into thin slices. Think of all the colours in the rainbow and choose from refreshing berries, tangy citrus fruits, exotic bites and pulpy surprises. Let your child mix the sliced fruits in a bowl and top it up with some freshly squeezed orange juice or a generous serving of rich whipped cream.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob is a great dish that can double up as a TV-time snack as well.  The name might sound bland but the dish is very flavourful. It can be fried, boiled, roasted or grilled. For methods like oven roasting, it is best to cook the corn with its husk on. On the other hand, while grilling, it is best to cook the corn with the husk peeled back.

The best condiments and seasoning for corn on the cob are butter, salt and black pepper. You can also have side dishes like coleslaw or mashed potatoes for extra flavour.

Blueberry Tart

Blueberry Tart is a great dessert for all ages. Though it takes a little more than an hour to make, the dish is worth the toil and is great for your children. Make the crust of the tart by kneading a generous serving of flour, sugar, butter and salt in a big bowl with an occasional sprinkle of water to set the dough. Shape the dough into bit-sized tart bowls and bake them for about ten to twelve minutes till it is a lovely golden brown.

Add cooked berries to a mixture of corn starch, lemon zest, sugar and salt. After mixing them, pour the mixture over the baked crusts and refrigerate until cool. Blueberry tart provides the best combination of healthy and tasty for anyone who eats it.

Vegetable Cheese Bake

Many children tend to refuse to eat vegetables. This vegetable cheese bake will have even the fussiest eater asking for seconds helpings.

Take some broccoli, bottle gourd and carrots. Cut them up into small pieces. Place the vegetables in a bowl and add a sauce made from butter, salt, corn flour and milk over them along with cardamom and cinnamon for flavour.

Pour the mixture into a baking tray and sprinkle a generous serving of grated cheese over it. Bake the dish in an oven pre-heated to about 300 degrees. Serve nice and hot with side dishes like garlic bread and coleslaw.

These recipes are guaranteed to bring out the master chef in your little one with a dash of creativity and imagination. It is also a brilliant way to keep the boredom at bay and help them learn the basics of cooking, with a fun twist.

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