Ways to Develop Good Habits and Manners in Your Child!

Sep 22, 2016 | Read time: 4 mins

Sep 22, 2016 | Read time:

Our children to a large extent are a reflection of us. Though it may sound clichéd, but kids are like clay that are waiting to be moulded into the man/woman you want them to be. So how do you make them courteous and well-mannered? What are the ways to develop good habits and manners in your child? Well read on to know how:

How to develop good habits in child

  1. Start Young: It’s never too early to develop good habits and manners in your child. Remember, kids as they grow older show resistance to changes that disrupt their set routine. Introduce them to courteous manners and good habits like dental hygiene, reading, heading to bed early, healthy eating, saying thank you, greeting others and many more as early as possible.
  2. Be a Role Model: The best way to develop good habits and manners in your child is to be a fine example yourself. Trust us, your child is learning most of the things by just observing your everyday habits and manners. Thus it becomes crucial for you to exhibit the best so that your child imbibes the same.
  3. Harbour a Positive Environment: It is only in a safe, positive and a secure environment that a child learns, grows and flourishes. Create a happy and comfortable environment at home and try to always have an optimistic frame of mind around your kid. Doing this will like a miracle help develop good habits and manners in your child.
  4. Set Strong Ground Rules: As parents it is important that you set strong ground rules. Make routine time tables that allocates fixed hours for homework, play, nap time and TV time. Doing this will gradually create a discipline in your child’s life. However, you need to find that delicate balance were you are not too strict or overtly flexible with your child’s routine.
  5. Reward: Another way to develop good habits and manners in your child is to reward good behaviour. However, reward them with experiences and not materialistic things. Instead of promising a toy give them extra play time or take them for a trip to the nearby zoo.
  6. Let Your Child Speak: Give kids the right to voice out their opinion. Allow your child to speak his/her mind and as parents try seeing things from the child’s point of view. Also, take their opinion on small matters around the house. This way, your child is more likely to listen to you and obey you.
  7. Teach Responsibility: Teaching your child to be responsible is the first step towards ensuring that they grow up to be caring adults. You could imbibe this trait in your child by giving them something important for safe-keeping. Also, if you have an older child consider gifting them a pet as this will instill a sense of responsibility in your little one.
  8. Encourage Reading of Good Literature: Stories are a powerful medium to develop good habits and manners in your child. Good literature teaches your kids to imbibe good morals, conduct and courtesy and have a positive attitude towards life.
  9. Be Involved: No matter how busy your lifestyle or schedule is, always do make it a point to carve out some quality time with your little one. Encourage them to speak about their day as this will give you an insight on who their friends are and how they are doing at schools. Being healthy involved in your child’s life will make them feel loved and more receptive to your decisions.
  10. Set Expectations That Are Realistic: Do not expect your child to be the epitome of good manners and habits. Remember your child is still young and is bound to be make mistakes. Be patient and if they do something that you don’t approve of talk to them and let them know that what they did was wrong. Also, raising your voice or hitting is only going to make your kid more resistant towards developing good habits and manners.
  11. Be Firm: There maybe times where your child displays inappropriate behaviour and is ill-mannered. When this happens it is important to be firm and make your child understand that what he/she did is unacceptable and what damage his/her actions would or has created. Also, if your child still continues to misbehave and is refusing to pay heed to you, then stop covering for them. Bearing the brunt of their actions will teach them as to why they should not behave inappropriately and that it has unpleasant consequences.

Parents, these are just some of the ways to develop good habits and manners in your child. Do let us know what you did differently to make your child behave well!

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