Bind Your Child With Love, Laughter, And Trust To Raise An Emotionally Strong Individual

Oct 18, 2018 | Read time: 5 mins

Oct 18, 2018 | Read time:
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As parents we all want our kids to be emotionally and physically strong so that they can enjoy the journey called ‘Life’ to its fullest. Don’t we? But have we ever thought that a strong foundation is required to mould a child into a stable human being. When I say stable, i meant to say someone who is ready to face any crisis in life- be it physical, emotional, financial anything.

When I gave birth to my baby boy 2 years back, our joy knew no bounds. Wrapped in a green cloth with eyes wide open, we saw our baby for the first time in the OT…that was indeed an emotional moment for both me and my husband. With each passing day he grew and so are we as parents, learned, spent tensed and sleepless nights, enjoyed every sec, at times failed, felt helpless but still life with him seems complete and meaningful. However, as a mother when i read news about a child committing suicide because he/she has not topped, getting addicted to drugs, leading a depressed life etc. my heart aches! I question myself and discuss with my partner, what is wrong in today’s upbringing of a child? Were these things rampant during our times as well or is that such incidents were prevalent but never came to limelight? Some blame it to working mothers and some to nuclear family and present lifestyle. I believe to blame is very easy instead we all should strive to provide such an environment to our kids where they understand and value emotions and human life above all!

My mother till date says and I agree to that only love within the family can help your child in growing as a emotionally stable human being. Whether a mom is working or if a child is growing in a nuclear family it really does not matter. What matters is the value and emotions which we as parents inculcate in them. Being a working mother, I have constantly felt the pressure from the society and I am sure will continue facing such in future as well. But now nothing bothers me as I get support from my husband and my 2 year old munchkin. Yes, you heard it right my boy understands everything and cooperates accordingly. I know we have to go miles before  proclaiming that we have been successful in making our child learn the right values of life. However, would like to share the little milestones we as a family achieved in the last 2 years with the apple of our eye Avyukt.

Find some of our best practices:

Sharing Is Caring: Being in a nuclear family, we have made sure our baby learns the art of sharing. Three of us share our food, his toys, bed, while sitting in the sofa. In short till he is awake, we involve and share everything with him even if it is gazing at the stars from our balcony.

Being Responsible: If he commits a mistake like throwing a bottle, unplugging sockets, etc. we immediately never scolds him harshly. Instead we question him, what you think what you did was right? Please pick up and place it in its right place. Trust me, even if they can’t speak properly or failed to understand completely, they can sense the emotion. My baby does pick up the things and put it back.

Accept His Apologies: At times just after commiting a mistake, even before I could react he starts crying. This means he is aware of his misdeeds and is sorry. Never scold at that point. Instead hug them and accept their apologies. I do this with my baby.

Show Them Love: It is very important to show and teach our child that his/her parents love each other. If they see parents love and care for each other and their is harmony in the house, I believe a child can never feel lonely or feel emotionally vulnerable. We hug each other in the morning and Avyukt joins us. When we are back home, we do the same. Now he knows hugging each other is important and he does that by bringing two of us together. He wants both of us and we call it ‘Time for Family Hug’

I have just share few of the many small practices that we follow at our home. I am sure each family has their own. However, I would like to emphasize on the fact that involve your child in everything. Tie them with love, laughter and care and make them realize they are never alone. We are with them!

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