15 Fantastic Self Care Ideas for the Fussy Fabulous Mom

Apr 27, 2022 | Read time: 8 mins

Apr 27, 2022 | Read time:
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How often have you wished you had a Magic Mom Potion infused with lots of energy, little patience and yes some secret time for yourself? Well, we all have every other day.

We have also always questioned ourselves about how can we be better parents to our little ones. Well, the answer lies in the safety instructions that we ignore before take-off in an airplane.

Wondering? That line where the cabin crew says, ‘Put on your own oxygen masks before assisting others’. Yes, we can be better parents by taking better care of ourselves.

According to a research by Healthy Women magazine, 78% of women place themselves last in order of priority only after their children, pets, elders, spouses or significant others.

Well, this needs to change. This Mother’s Day, on 8th of May, Sunday, make time for yourself, for self-care. And it’s not selfish. Let us tell you why and how.

Why Self-Care is the best thing you can do for your Kids

  • Your kids don’t need a perfect mom but would be happier around a happy one.
  • After emerging 6th in the self-care priority list in the house, a woman hardly has anything left for herself. Time and energy both, maybe food too. We all have had nights when we are too drained to cook for ourselves and happy with whatever little biryani is left in the pot.
  • The fact is self care should be equally high on the priority list of mothers as taking care of family is. It is important to be physically fit and emotionally fulfilled to be available for them. A satisfied state of mind boosts up both your energy and patience. Aren’t these the same elements that we look for in the Magic Potion for becoming better versions of ourselves. And of course better moms to our little munchkins.
  • If this is not enough to get you to be more generous with yourself, hears another analogy. Have ever unplugged and restarted your wifi router when it suddenly stops working? More often than not, this trick works. And so does it for most of our gadgets around the house.
  • Wonder what unplugging yourself form the chaos and rebooting your body and soul will do to you.

15 Self Care Ideas to make your Mother’s Day celebration extra special

  1. Begin your day by writing a letter to yourself

    If you could talk to yourself, what would you say. If you have not tried this, you must. Especially if you are in a messed up state of mind. It helps you unwind, make room for gratitude, appreciate the past, create your future. You could choose a theme from advice, anxieties, dreams, regrets, goals, spirituality or just pour your heart out. Like you would to your BFF.

  2. Go for a walk

    Walking is not only a great cardio workout but it also helps bring down stress levels. While a fast paced walk will help you burn a lot of calories, but even a casual walk is therapeutic. It releases endorphins and helps relieve stress and uplift your mood.

  3. Do yoga or any other workout

    Yoga is known to work very well against anxiety and depression. It is extremely helpful strength, balance and flexibility. It is also beneficial for your heart health, regulates blood pressure and better sleep.

  4. Book a spa/ skincare service

    A good spa session is the ultimate form of self care. It not works on your physical appearance but also relaxes the mind. If the pleasure of being pampered is not, then what is self care. The confidence boost that a skincare session gives is all about the happy hormones released in our heads.

  5. Schedule a coffee date with yourself

    We think a good cup of coffee, sometime with just yourself and good music can fix just anything in the world. Sometimes it is fun to sit back and observe the activity around, it helps to actually connect back to yourself. It is a fulfilling experience.

  6. Cook your favourite dish

    Did you know cooking could be helpful in bringing back focus in your life? The measuring of ingredients and slow cooking helps cut the chaos and also practice mindfulness. And above all home cooked food is always healthier.

  7. Declutter your wardrobe

    Decluttering and tidying up the space around you cuts on decision fatigue that your brain goes through on a daily basis. Especially for mothers, who constantly needed to negotiate with kids between their demands and what needs to be done. It brings a sense of calm around you.

  8. Create art

    A large part of self care comes from acknowledging, honouring and mentally making space for your emotions. This possible when you give yourself time in stillness and solitude. What better way than to turn to art. No, you do not have to be an artist for it. Just pick up a colouring book and a bunch of colours from a stationary shop and find your happy corner. Trust us, its therapeutic.

  9. Call up your BFF

    We all have that one person who knows us inside out and would be all ears even at midnight. Who is yours? Could be a friend, sibling, parent or your spouse too. Have a heart to heart conversation. You will be surprised to find out how much you needed this chat. And of course it will leave you happier and lighter.

  10. Retail therapy is the best

    We are sure all moms will agree to it. Go all out and treat yourself with something that you had been postponing for long. Did you say you are a minimalist? Well, then window shopping is also great. Maybe you come across something you really need.

  11. Open up your family album

    Albums are not very popular today but maybe you have one from your childhood. Flip through the pages to relive those memories. Spot that long lost friend in class photograph. What lovely days were they, right? If you don’t have an album, picture gallery of your phone works too. Scroll through it to bring back the best memories from your last vacation. Watch your wedding video if you have it.

  12. Listen to an audiobook/ podcast

    You are a busy mommy and we know that. Hence, the idea of audiobooks and podcasts. They are so convenient to listen to while driving, doing daily chores or working out. Being a mother it’s a dream to have an hour to yourself when you read your favourite author. Audiobooks do make up for it.

  13. Play with your kids

    Self care does not have to necessarily have to mean running away from your children. What is even a house without their giggles. Spend time playing their silly games. The cozy hugs and innocent smiles will leave your heart filled with gratitude.

  14. Watch your favourite movie

    How long has it been since you watched a whole movie in one stretch? You might not even remember. Put the little ones to sleep and plan a movie night. Get your supplies of snacks and drinks and you are all set. Pull in your partner if you like.

  15. Try star gazing

    We have been awake for late night parties and movies. But this time, spread picnic mat in your garden or on the terrace. Lie there silent and watch the stars. Just like we did as little kids. The clouds flying past have story of their own. This could become a family ritual too, share about your day as your track down the brightest star.

Checkout what wonderful mommies like you have to say about their journeys

  • 30 Days of Self Care

  • Did you pick a self care activity for yourself from the above list? We hope you did and brings joy to you.
  • But that was just about 1 day of self care. Self care, especially for mothers, should make its way into their daily schedule. We all have heard the popular saying,
  • “You cannot pour from an empty Cup”
  • If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to do so for anyone around you. If you feel burnt out, it is in everyone’s interest to withdraw and restore yourself.
  • We suggest following a self care ritual everyday. However, we also understand that between the morning routine, the food, the naps and night time routine, it may not be possible to have a perfect routine for yourself. That is exactly why, we have put together a 30 days self care calendar for you. Pick an activity for the day that suits your time. Feel free to play around with the calendar to suit your and your family’s needs. But do not miss on finding those 30 minutes in the day just for yourself.
  • Have a look

Summing it up

  • We would love to see you practicing the self care rituals we put together. It is a journey to find yourself amongst the clutter and chaos around you. Take your time off and give yourself the freedom put yourself first. However, also remember, this is not a one size fits all process. Just like motherhood, there is no perfect formula to taking care of yourself. Take up what suits you.
  • Do share your thoughts on how it brings about a change in your life.
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