The Monetary Benefits we offer are

Staff Child Education – In order to enable employees to bring their children to work and provide them with world class education, we have an employee children education policy in place. Employees who have young children who fit into the age group and schooling programmes offered in the Centre they are working at, can enrol their child in to their age specific programmes. The fee for the schooling/ day care program will be subsidized.

Employee Referral - In order to provide an attractive scheme of incentives to reward and acknowledge existing employees to assist in hiring suitable candidates for existing job openings, we have an employee referral policy in place. All eligible Centre staff can refer their friends, family, neighbours, ex-colleagues, acquaintances for any available positions across all Centres in the country. If the referral gets selected for role in the company, the employee will get a bonus for the referral.

Attendance Bonus - Any teaching employee who does not take leave for 3 consecutive months and for a year will be given an additional bonus/incentive.

Overtime - All employees who stretch their working hours in times of emergency situations will be compensated monetarily.

The Non-Monetary Benefits we offer are

Food – Teachers can purchase food from the centre at a concessional rate.

Transport – If any child is dropped near the teacher’s location, then the teacher can avail the drop facility.

Salary Account – We will connect with the bank representative and assist the new joinee in opening a zero balance salary account.

Medical Insurance / ESI – All our employees are either covered under ESI or Medical Insurance.

Paid Vacation and Sick time – Leave options to help employees manage time away from work for personal, family, or medical responsibilities include vacation leave, maternity and bereavement leave.

Employee Recognition

GEM of the Month - Employees who put in extra effort to get the job done will be appreciated. GEM is a teacher recognition board placed at centres to appreciate teachers who go the extra mile in making our school a great place for the children and the team. A democratic method is followed in the nomination and voting process for the GEM of the month. The merit certificate will be displayed at the centre for that entire month.