Bear Tales​

in Let's Go On a Jungle Safari

for Toddlers

 Everything you need to know about the life of a Bear

Session Preparation

1. Intro Video​

2. Expert Talk: The importance of spending quality time with your child.

3. Let’s Get Started: Let’s get fit as we run, jump, hop and skip.

4. Learning is Fun: Let’s go on a Bear adventure as we learn all about the animal.

5. Creative Expression and More:​ Who wants to learn how to make a bear sandwich? Also, let’s have fun as we name the parts of a bear through a rhyme.


  • I was able to name/point to the Zebra​, Elephant​, Monkey​, Bear​ and Tiger
  • I was able to count up to number 3
  • I could follow instructions and make the sandwich
  • I attempted to perform all simple exercises
How to use this?

This is a development tracker that will help you identify your child’s skill and level of competency. You may want to revisit the KLAY @Home sessions if you think your child needs more time to hone the skills addressed in the sessions.

During Mealtime: Talk to children about the texture, smell and taste of the food that they are eating.  Encourage the child to also name what they are eating. ​

During the Day:  Encourage your children to talk about the animals they have seen and help them with their numbers from 1 to 3.​

Objectives of the week

We have an exciting jungle safari in store for all of you where we will take a look at the lives of some of our favourite jungle animals and learn all about them. 

Sessions of the week

Tue, May 19 Elephant and Zebra
Thurs, May 21 Monkey and Tiger
Fri, May 22 Bear Tales

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