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Program Details

25 Weeks Program


Days a week


Hours each day

Program Fee

₹ 63,720

₹ 53,100

 Easy Instalment Options

Instalment 1: 55%, by the start of course

Instalment 2: 35%, 5 weeks after the course start date

Instalment 3: 10%, 23 weeks after the course start date

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Why the International Certificate Program

  • Get trained by international experts in early childhood education
  • Get access to the world’s most successful early childhood education systems
  • Participate actively in interactive training sessions
  • Develop your own portfolio of learning

About The Program

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the first 2000 days of a child’s life and have always wanted to study this at depth? Well, here’s your chance to understand your child’s learning needs in the early years better!

The International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all aspiring teachers. Based on the Finnish model, regarded as one of the world’s most successful early childhood education systems around the world, this program will introduce you to the world of the early years!

Who We Are

The Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development works with education providers, employers and the government to help Early Childhood Educators grow in their understanding of child development and enhance their skill sets to function in their best capacity in classrooms.

The institute comes under the umbrella of Founding Years Learning Solutions India Private Limited which is the proud parent company of KLAY, India’s Largest and Most Trusted chain of Preschools and Daycare Centres.

Meet Our Instructors

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Reetta Jukkara

Head of Pedagogy
at Finland International
Education (FINE)

MA, Educational Science

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Olli Kamunen

Development Manager at Finland International
Education (FINE)

BA, Early Childhood

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Meghna Yadav

Head, Training & Development

M.S, Child and Adolescent

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common queries regarding the program and admission requirements. Go through them to see if you meet the admission criteria or clear any other doubts.

The International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education is for 25 weeks. 

24 weeks (Theory) + 1 Week (Exam and Graduation Ceremony) 

2 sessions / week  

2hours / session 

This will be a 25-week ONLINE Program with live training sessions by the faculty. The last week is for online exam and graduation ceremony. 

12+ years of formal education  

Fluency in English 

Program Fee: 54,000 + 9720 (tax 18%) = INR 63,720  

Registration in the program is completed through online fee transfer. You can save your seat by paying the first instalment. Fee is collected in three instalments. 

Instalment I): 55%, by the start of course 

Instalment II): 35%, 5 weeks after the course start date 

Instalment III): 10%, 23 weeks after the course start date 

You will receive an ‘International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education’ on successful completion of course. This joint certificate is issued by Finland International Education and IECED. 

Your profile will be added to database for recruitment at KLAY. If and when your profile matches the requirement of open position at KLAY, you will be contacted for interview process. 

What our teachers have to say

Lead Business Development at leading preschool in India
"I took up this course for self-enrichment, parenting knowledge and learning industry best practices. The course is extremely lucid even for someone who is not directly dealing with curriculum. It's well-structured and allows you to learn through ample resources: reading material, group sessions, podcasts and assignments. 'Retta' and 'Olli' from FINE are excellent with managing this program which is entirely online. It's been a great experience till now and looking forward to graduate soon with the "International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education". I would recommend it to anyone who works with/manages children" If you too are in the education industry and are looking for an opportunity to excel in your role with in-depth technical knowledge delivered in an easy format, this course is for you!
Entrepreneur in Sports Education for children

I look forward to the session days as it's been a while since I've been able to garner some intellectual stimulation. I really enjoy every part of the program whether it is the course content, the classroom interactions, or the reflection tasks. I was looking for credible insights into the Finnish Curriculum and this course has turned out to be a good start. The Indian contextual lens through KLAY is an added bonus and a stronghold of the curriculum. Working through a Foundational education course is an added advantage to my qualifications that will help in my growth trajectory

Preschool Centre Head with 13+ years' experience
The program is very interactive and we learn from each other's experience and thought process. The curriculum is well crafted to understand the different theories and pedagogy and the individual attention is an added bonus for the participants. The International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education (ICP) is one of the best things that has happened to me and I am certain that this course will help me as a sales rep in the education industry
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In this rapidly changing world, there is no doubting the significance of a child’s early years and thereby the need for skilled early childhood education professionals. Preschool teachers in India usually need to have a basic graduation degree and to have done a training course in nursery teaching. However, this basic qualification is now insufficient. On the other hand, those early childhood educators who have invested in honing their skills are currently being flooded with opportunities. The career options for skilled professionals in education are at all-time high.

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What Is Lacking In India’s ECCE System?

To begin with, Early Childhood Care and Education in India encapsulates the period from conception through eight years of age. The first eight years of a child’s life are critical. Since the rate of development in 0-8 years is more rapid than at any other age, significance of early years is beyond debate in today’s world. Research in neuro-science confirms the importance of the early years in a child’s life particularly since 85% of brain development has already taken place by the time a child is six years of age.

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What skills do new age teachers need?

2020 is the “year of small things” but this year has taught great lessons to everyone. Teachers across the globe are no exception; they have not only learned the art of virtual classrooms but have also designed the curriculum overnight to meet this new demand. While you are reading this, a teacher from Rwanda might be getting up early morning to broadcast her lessons on the radio or a preschool teacher in India may be planning to jump, dance and sing to a screen as if she is conducting her circle time.

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