Attending meetings beyond office hours is no more a problem, thanks to Klay’s extended daycare

Attending meetings beyond office hours is no more a problem, thanks to Klay’s extended daycare

Nitu Srivastava

Even when she was pregnant, Nitu Srivastava knew she would be enrolling her child in daycare. Leaving her daughter at home with a parent, in-laws or a nanny was never even an option she considered.

With support from her husband, who is also of the opinion that children need stimuli from the outside world to thrive, Nitu enrolled her daughter at Klay, Gurgaon when she was seven months old.

She returned to work at ModOnGo shortly after and resumed her role as client relationship manager. While her office hours are between 10am and 6pm, her role often requires her to attend meetings outside her working hours. But she credits Klay’s extended daycare facility, something she hasn’t signed up for but can avail when meetings get scheduled last minute, for being able to give her job 101%.

“If I require it, I just call the daycare and they accommodate me,” she says. “Until 7.30pm I know my baby is in safe hands and I can rely on them.”

However, Nitu did face a bit of backlash from her family when she first enrolled her daughter in daycare.

“My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and even my sister were against it,” she says. “They wanted to know how I could send such a small child to daycare and whether she would receive the proper care.”

But she believes that now, four months since her daughter started at Klay, her family is slowly warming up to the idea.

“As the mother, if I am relaxed they feel happy too,” she says.

Moreover, Nitu also got to show her mother-in-law, first hand, the facilities and services offered at Klay during a recent visit.

“My mother-in-law was here recently, I showed her the baby’s daily routine at Klay, I showed her the CCTV footage and she also saw how relaxed I was,” she says. “I don’t think her inhibitions went away completely. But she seemed more accepting.”

But even though she was always in favour of the daycare option, Nitu was still a bit skeptical at first about handing her child over to a daycare. But four months into her time at Klay, Nitu cannot deny how happy, social and outgoing her child is.

“She’s a very friendly child,” she beams. “She will go to a mall and wave to everybody. It makes us feel very happy. I see a lot of kids who are at home all the time and they get very cranky when they go to a crowded place or when they meet someone new. That’s the reason I never ever considered keeping my baby at home.”