Prestige Tech Park

Prestige Tech Park

Klay preschool in Prestige Tech Park, Bangalore

Preschool & Daycare

At KLAY PTP, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure, proficient teachers and an active learning environment. The live camera feed from all the rooms is available to parents through web streaming. We have a spacious, sunlit, child-safe outdoor play area. Infants in our centre enjoy a cozy second home.

Child health and safety takes precedence over everything else. Child friendly furniture, safety-guards on the doors, fire extinguishers, daily temperature check, presence of a staff nurse, toy sanitisation are some of the measures that highlight our safety policy.

KLAY PTP is located inside Prestige Tech Park in Kadubeesanahalli away from the city's polluted roads. It is easily accessible from all the offices located in Outer Ring Road.


Ground floor, A Wing,
Electra Block, Prestige Technology park ll
Marathahalli - Sarjapur Outer Ring Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103


Phone: +91 7676708888

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Parent's Speak

Tanishka’s Parent ( Sr. Toddler)

Prestige Tech Park , Bangalore

We are very happy and proud to be associated with Klay (Prestige Tech Park, Bangalore). Our daughter, Tanishka, has been enrolled here since Feb 2016 and what an amazing transformation she has had over the past 6 months. From a socially shy person to a completely outgoing child – It is a treat for our eyes to see her evolving every day both cognitively and emotionally. The biggest credit goes to Klay’s staff at PTP, the curriculum, the policies and their positive attitude to all our concerns. When Tanishka waves us bye every morning with a radiant smile and greets us with the same smile back in the evening, it makes us feel that we have chosen the right school for her. Tanishka’s happiness, her love for her teachers, friends and the everyday surprises she gives us in the form of rhymes and activities when she is back home are the biggest reason for us to testify the credibility of KLAY. It tells a lot about the positive environment at the school when your child asks you to drop her to school on weekends. A big thanks to team KLAY PTP for giving Tanishka love and care and the wings to fly like a free bird and explore in initial and very important years of her life. You are shaping lives of our children and we as first time parents have learnt a lot from you to better our parenting as well. Thanks SO much!

Alan’s Parent ( After-Scholar)


Our experience with Klay has been very homely. It has always been a home away from home for my son. All members of Klay ensure that all his needs are facilitated. I appreciate their cooperation whenever required. He gets an opportunity to have a friends circle that would ultimately benefit him in having his own social life. Also, he enjoys his playtime and all the craft activities provided by the facility. Which he joyfully shares with me every day. All these, then become memories that he can cherish as his childhood. Thanks to Klay School.

Love Alan and Family

Anirudha’s Parent ( Jr. Toddler)

When Ani is cranky and I tell him we'll go to Klay, he gets all excited and stops crying. These are the times I am assured that he is in the best place. When I hear the new rhymes and see those little hands in action, when he gets bored on weekends but not on weekdays, when he suddenly starts running faster one day and I realize it is because of the sports practise, when I hear from another parent who is in the settlement phase that Ani is a very happy child, when I see him excited in the morning at the doorstep of Klay, I know for sure that he is in the right place. I take this opportunity to thank all the Klay staff of PTP and the Klay management. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I wish I find a school as good as this for his higher standards as well Thanks for all that you guys do to keep our children happy :)

Adwiti’s Parent ( Infant)


My daughter Adwiti Joined Klay when she was 6 months, Intially we were worried so much, But believe me Klay is best place for any Kid. The way they take care of our kids is best.

  All the members in Klay are very humble. When ever we say to our kid(Adwiti) - "Klay School, Ramya Mam, Devi Mam" My daughter gives huge smile. This shows how good and friendlythay are to kids. Centre Head Rachana makes us feel so comfortable when we enter Klay. Her Big smile always makes you very happy and gets the feel that our kid is in really safe hands.

I personally feel KLAY is best .

Aariana’s Parent ( Jr.Toddler)

Klay has become a fantastic second home for my two-year old. The teachers and staff are fanstastic and accommodate all requests that a new, reluctant parent might have when leaving their little ones at Klay for the first time. I can now go to work completely relaxed, knowing that my daughter is not only in safe but also loving and caring hands. Thank you Klay!

Zavian’s Parent ( Jr. Toddler)

This is not a testimonial that I am writing for your website, but a genuine heartfelt thanks.  We're so happy that finally Zavian has come into his own at Klay and is being treated uniquely. He is becoming smarter, more intelligent, wittier, and is understanding life skills like sharing and such, at a great pace too.

As a parent, what could be more comforting than the fact that while Klay does provide CCTV footage, you feel like you don't need to keep a constant tab or be paranoid, because your child is in good hands. That's the kind of comfort we now have with Klay. Our 2 year old has learnt so many life skills in school and has such a close connect with his teachers that he talks about them frequently outside school and on weekends.    

I don't feel like I'm leaving my toddler with strangers, but in fact a close loving acquaintances, who have a great bond with my son. 

Thanks Rachna Ma’am, Razia Ma’am, Sunitha Ma’am, Prameela Ma’am and all of the other wonderful teachers for making this happen.

Heartfelt Thanks on this Thanksgiving Day!


Maria’s Parent (Jr.Toddler)

JP Morgan

Maria likes KLAY a lot, In the morning, the moment she see the KLAY name board, she is super excited  and happy. Also in the evenings she is not ready to come with us as she again wants to play around.  Seems like KLAY has become her favourite place within just two months. We are 100% happy with the way our child is being taken care at KLAY