DLF Cybercity 14A

DLF Cybercity 14A


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Welcome to KLAY Cyber city! Just a few minutes away from Vodafone Belvedere metro station, we offer a home away from home for children from 6 months to 6 years old. We have a spacious common area and a beautiful Infants room. All rooms are equipped with camera access for parents.Our edu-carers ensure the best possible care and attention for children. We make learning fun for children, develop their curiosity and encourage them to become life-long learners.


Building 14,
Tower A, DLF Phase 2 Sector 24,
Gurugram-122002, Haryana, India



Phone: +91 7676708888

Programs and Timings

Divya Wadhwa

Divya Wadhwa, a B.com graduate and certified in Train the Trainer from College of Birmingham and skills advantage has experience for around 10 years in training and development- Voice and Accent, soft skills and Human Resources.

She started her career with Aegis erstwhile Global Vantege in 2006 as customer care executive and soon rose to the position of Quality Analyst. Divya has trained approx 5000 employees from Asia and Middle East in her tenure in training and development.

She has worked for companies like Interglobe Technologies, Aegis and Maintec technologies and as a freelance employee she has worked for NIIT, Genpact and United health group.

Divya joined Klay in November 2017 and in her words "The journey with Klay has been wonderful and amazing so far, would look forward to work with Klay for any more years". Klay has given me a platform to be with children which I enjoy the most. Being involved in learning and development gives me passion to work, eye for detail and great satisfaction.

Parent's Speak

Payal Jain

Sanjana's Mom - Cyber City

It was a lot of fun participating in the sports day on 19th. Sunny day, refreshments, running around, kids and families together, chatting and laughing, cuteness quotient at an all time high - all this made for the perfect recipe to spend some time outdoors. Thank you for organizing the event for the little ones and their parents. The teachers anddidis did a wonderful job hosting the event.


parent of Kartikeya - Cyber City

Hi Namita,

Thank you for all your efforts. I thought I will take this opportunity to make a special mention for "Nimi ma'am" as today was Kartikeya's day 9 for settling in. I wish he could say it in his own words but as of now I'll have to do this on his behalf. 

She really made it easy for him and I could already see my little toddler waiting for her instructions :) Nimi has become a permanent feature for him while at school and hats off to her patience and support. Needless to say you and all your staff have been very helpful and flexible and we look forward to many special moments at Klay. 

Nidhi & Rajesh

Anil and Rekha

Parents of Aniket - Cyber City

Hi Namita, As you all know, today is Aniket's last day in TCL. At this moment I would like to take this opportunity to say BIG THANKS to all his teachers and didi's on his behalf. As a parent it has been always been a priority for us to provide good learning and growing environment to my kid. And I remember when we first time visited to TCL having a lot of queries in mind, we got a positive wave from there. Down the line TCL had proven that and kept our expectation. Now days went so fast and it has been more than 1.5 years relationship with TCL. I am very happy with Aniket's growth at TCL and wanted to show my gratitude to his Teachers (Ashu and Nimmi) and Didi's. Special thanks to Anjana Didi for all her love and care for Aniket. I am sure he is going to miss all of you and his friends (specially Dwiji). My best wishes to TCL. Thanks for all you effort and care. Please pass our greetings to your staff. Proud Parents Anil & Rekha

Neha Killa

parent of Nivedh - Cyber City

Hi Namita,

Our son, Nivedh, has been going to TLC for more than a year now, and I want to thank TLC and specially Ashu for making his stay so pleasurable. Since his day one in the center, Ashu has been a second mother to him, not just ensuring he eats on time, learns new things and his manners, but ensuring that he is happy. The love Nivedh gets from Ashu is beyond words. It is to the extent that while we were playing yesterday at home, he decided to call me Ashu ma'am, and told me, that mumma, you are not mumma. You are Ashu ma'am. This explains in itself the love he gets from her, and the school in general. I have always been very vocal on how Ashu has been like a mother to Nivedh. Hopefully she graduates to Pre-K when Nivedh moves to that section (similar to their movement from infants to junior toddlers). 

Thank you for the support your team extends to keep the smile on our baby's face.



parent of Shreyan - Cyber City

Dear Namita,

I just thought of letting you know that despite over 2 months having passed since Shreyan last attended KLAY, he still remembers his Apoo Ma'am and Ashu Ma'am and some of his friends like Yashu. And anytime their names are mentioned he smiles. This just goes to show what wonderful care all of you took of him at KLAY. Really cannot thank you enough and hope to see you all soon with Shreyan.

Keep up the excellent work!

Warm Regards,


Cyber City


Just wanted to thank Namita from our side, for providing us exemplary support and help, in organizing Nivedh's birthday at the center. It meant a lot to us, and you have been extremely helpful and supportive as this was the only celebration we had in mind for Nivedh. The support from teachers and the didis was wonderful and simply fantastic, really appreciate and thank them for their help.

Also we are very happy with the kind of new initiatives we are seeing at TLC Gurgaon like plants, metro rides etc, which are contributing towards a more holistic development of our children. Thank you and please keep the good work going on.

Vinod Pillai


Cyber City

Hi Anant, 

This week is the final week for Divyanka in KLAY, Cybercity and I thought of penning down my final impressions on the 1 year and 4 months she has spent here. 

Without doubt the highlight of the journey would be starting Feb 2016 once Namita took over as Centre head of the Cybercity centre. Appreciate the management for the timely and much required changeover.  I have seen a very positive change taking place and the Centre is no doubt much better aligned with the expectations we parents have considering you are one of the premium daycare centres and also the fast paced/hectic life in the Corporate sector. 

Namita is doing a great job as she is more involved in at the ground level with teachers/nannies and children, more open to suggestions/feedback, impartial and absolutely professional in her approach. I guess the team is shaping up quite well under her. A special word of appreciation for the Pre-K teachers and nannies as well (Jaya, Parineeta, Supreet- presently with KLAY Sohna Road and Anjana) who are not only more involved/aware/focussed and loving with the children but also have a logical thought process which has helped me to trust them. No wonder the number of untoward incidents have gone down. The last 8 months have been a relief and lot of less stress for me thinking that Divyanka is taken good care of. 

A special thanks to Jaya for taking efforts to get Divyanka toilet trained and keeping her without diaper whole day in the Centre which possibly I would not have dared! 

Thanks to Rekha (Nanny - No more with KLAY) as well the who took care of her the first crucial 8 months when she was graduating from an infant to a toddler. 

I would like to leave a suggestion here which I believe can further improve things - Make outdoor play a part of everyday routine irrespective of weather since most children today are Vit. D deficient. I have seen some schools let the children play around for half an hour before they enter the school itself. Possibly that may work out from 8.30 am to 9.30 am for your centre. Any additional outdoor play when the weather is good is added bonus. 

I take this opportunity to wish all the best to Namita and her team and hope the same progress towards excellence continues. At the same time I look forward to our future associations we well. Thank you.

Best regards
Debjani Mukherjee


Cyber City

As Prisha steps out of KLAY school today to join her “BIG” school, I would like to give a “BIG” note of thanks to your KLAY team for all the love and care you showered on Prisha while grooming her....Prisha was used to individual attention by her exclusive nanny and I wanted her to come out of her pampered and comfort zone and learn to do things independently and I must say that you guys did a wonderful job to make her independent like eating on her own, putting her own shoes etc etc...your progressive teaching mentality, the cleanliness you maintain, the healthy and balanced meals you prepare, the live streaming camera facility for all your classrooms which you provide for parents viewing are unparallel and comparable to international standards.......kudos to your team !!! ......I was so skeptical initially when I put Prisha for the first time in daycare but visit to your school cum daycare took away all my separation anxieties…. I could work peacefully in office because I knew you all would take good care of my daughter....Oodles and Oodles of thanks from Sayantani