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Video on Good Touch Bad Touch

No Touch Video

Students and staff of KLAY have worked on a Child Safety video that talks about Good and Bad Touches. Please watch it at http://youtu.be/3T7Sox_h9Zs

Go green the pre school way

Go green in this season of red cheer!

Tis the month of resolutions and we at Klay have already planted the seeds for one that is topical, long-term and meant for both the Kid And You! The donation

Children and sleep

Getting your child to sleeping on their own

Before discussing why, what and how, and handy tips, let us – the family that puts more than 2000 children down for an afternoon nap at the same time every

Feeding children

How much food should you feed your child?

You’ve probably heard this before: A child will eat only as much as a child will eat. But how many times have you kept it in mind while planning meals

When children have a cold

Cold, cold go away

Do nothing for a cold and it will last seven days. Do everything and it will last a week. That’s what they say. But parents of tiny children with tinier

Children and pets

Should you get your child a pet?

Wondering whether to give in to all those requests about getting a dog, cat, fish or a turtle? Thinking whether getting a canine or a feline friend for your kid