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The Truth About What Kids Eat

As parents, whether what kids eat is meeting their nutritional needs is one of your biggest conccerns. An improper diet might cause sluggishness, lack of concentration and contribute to rising


Dad-vice: Getting More Involved

The traditional way of raising a child dictates that a mother nurtures and a father provides.However, in the 21st century,with working moms and stay-at-home dads, what is the father’s role?


Wardrobe Wars

Have you ever had one of those mornings where your little one wants to wear nothing but sparkly princess gowns or superhero capes? While getting them to dress the way


Protect Your Child from Spring Allergies

Spring is in the air and with it blooms a host of allergies that might leave your little one sneezing and sniffling for days. Each spring, plants release tiny pollen

The Power of Saying I love you

The Power of Saying “I love You”

I Love You. Three simple words with a wealth of meaning behind them. As one of the most impactful things a parent can say to their child, remembering to say


Sharing is Caring

To share is to spread joy. Sharing is also a critical skill that comes in handy when kids play and learn. It sows the seeds of empathy and helps in

Chore Chart

Introducing Chore Chart

What is a Chore Chart? A chore chart is a fun way for parents to teach kids responsibility from a young age. It is an interactive format for listing out


Ways to Entertain your Toddler without Using a Smartphone

Remember the last time you spent an entire day without smartphones? That would give you an idea of how much technology of all kind has taken over our lives and

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Things that Can Distant A Child Away From the Parents

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world and every parent desires to get it right. But the crucial thing to remember is that there is no ‘right’


What To Do When Your Child Makes You Angry?

There are no doubts that we parents love our kids. If it were possible, we would move the moon and stars to ensure that our children are happy, protected and