Infants and Toddlers - Age 2 and Under

Growing babies are very active learners and they change from moment to moment. Owing to rigorous change and development during this age, our environment is made extremely rich in opportunities and support holistic development of the child.


Pre Schoolers - Age 3 - 6

This is an age of curiosity and KLAY provides sufficient and challenging opportunities for the children to explore. Children develop skills at a surprising rate and continue to increase their language, writing and reading skills.


After Schoolers - Age 6 +

KLAY provides a wonderful experience for After school children! We have a different activity for the children each day – Abacus, dance, music, art and craft!


Well trained Teachers and Staff

Each teacher at KLAY has gone through a rigorous selection and training process. The curriculum developed enables teachers to work creatively in the classroom with a broad framework and structure in place.


Ratio starting from 1:3

Our infant care ratio is 1:3, with full time nurses on duty. The class sizes and ratio go up as the children become older.


Live Classroom Web Streaming!

KLAY is extremely focused on child safety. All our classrooms are equipped with CCTV cameras. Parents are provided access to login and view their children real time. Our daily communication happens through diaries. Parents are also welcome to visit the center anytime.